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Keystone Medical was formed in 2009 in response to a growing number of physicians reaching out for assistance with revenue cycle management issues within their offices. Traditional billing staff and previous outsourcing options had proven frustrating and ineffective. turnover1

Keystone Medical had an idea.

What if we used a web based practice management system to afford clients with seamless front and back end processes and real time transparency of financial data? What if we harnessed the knowledge of motivated coders and billing specialists to audit charges before they were ever billed out, ensuring the highest possible percentage of “clean” claims?

What if we created a friendly, customer service focused culture, putting the emphasis on creating a positive experience for our clients, their staff and their patients?

What if we leveraged our vast collective team experience to eliminate unnecessary write offs, improve internal appeal processes and reduce bad debt?

What if we could provide our clients with practical, easy to understand, real time financial reporting so they could be proactive and involved in their revenue cycle? We asked all of those questions and many more that have culminated in our comprehensive revenue cycle management service for specialist practice groups.

Amy Koon, Keystone Medical Management

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