Improve Your Practice’s Cash Flow

From the moment your services are rendered, our team monitors every claim to ensure that you receive the highest reimbursement possible, in the shortest amount of time.

Once your charges are captured, our coders begin reviewing your charges one by one to ensure that appropriate codes, modifiers and units are being billed. We work directly with providers as we find opportunities for additional reimbursement, helping our providers expand their understanding of the coding and reimbursement for procedures performed. Daily claim and statement submission ensure steady cash flow, while our AR Specialists ensure that denied claims are worked consistently until they are paid. More money. Faster.

Improved Practice Management Cash Flow


Eliminate Software Hassles

Our cloud-based service package eliminates technical support hassles, software costs and updates. Enjoy 24/7 access to your data and financial reporting, from anywhere.

Your relationship with Keystone Medical ensures your access to a comprehensive practice management software suite, including an integrated ONC-ATCB Certified Electronic Health Record. In addition to excellent revenue cycle management components, our software helps you streamline office processes with an easy to use, integrated scheduling, demographics and referral management module. On demand access to reports keeps you in the loop on everything from appointment statistics to revenue trends.


Reduce Audit and HIPAA liability

Our team works with your staff to decrease potential HIPAA liability and improve existing documentation to prevent audit liability.

Our on-site consulting team reviews office practices and processes to reduce HIPAA liability. Daily review of documentation allows our coding team to provide real time feedback on ways to improve documentation and reduce audit liability.