7 November 2014
7 November 2014,

As a result of concerns surrounding the accuracy of the valuation of global payments, CMS will eliminate global periods and value ALL surgical codes based only on the surgical day of service.  Follow up services which are provided will be paid separately.

Currently, global packages include the procedure and the evaluation and management services that are typically furnished in the periods immediately before and after the procedure.  Commencing in 2017, CMS plans to implement this change for procedure codes with a 10-day global services period, while procedure codes with a 90-day global services period will be impacted in CY 2018.  At this time, CMS is unclear on a final methodology of how to revalue the codes as 0 day global procedures, and is seeking further input.

A loss of the payments typically included in the global period could result in an overall reduction in reimbursement for Dermatology practices.  With changing global days, it will become more imperative to accurately bill for follow up evaluation and management services.



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