Keystone Medical has an exceptional Dermatology Services Division.

This specialty team leverage years of experience working in and with Dermatology offices to provide our clients with highly specialized coding, billing and consulting services. Our in-depth knowledge of Dermatology coding and payor specific reimbursement policies has helped our clients enjoy increased reimbursement rates, decreased denials and significant reduction in outstanding Accounts Receivable balances.

Here are a few ways we can help your Dermatology practice:

  1. Your claims are reviewed daily to ensure that payor-specific requirements and medical necessity guidelines are met and appropriate units and modifiers are appended
  2. Specific chart audits are performed daily to ensure that all charges are billed correctly for maximum reimbursement
  3. We provide specialized documentation recommendations to ensure that you are capturing all possible charges for each encounter
  4. Our staff has helped all of our Dermatology clients achieve Meaningful Use and qualify for available federal incentive dollars.

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