Why Keystone Medical?

We do everything...except see patients.

We offer a wide variety of consulting, auditing and full revenue cycle management services to help your practice receive maximum reimbursement.
  • 1Patient Eligibility and Benefit Verification Services

    Our team performs eligibility and benefit verification for your patients The information is relayed to your patients in a clear way. Informed patients = Happy Patients.

  • 2Staff Support and Training

    Our friendly and enthusiastic team is committed to providing our client's staff with outstanding customer service. We'll make sure your staff stays up to date on coding changes, third party reimbursement policies and best practices.

  • 3Claims Review and Processing

    Our Certified Coders will review your claims prior to submission for accurate coding to ensure clean claims the first time. Your charges will be submitted electronically each day.

  • 4AR Management

    Our AR Specialists review all outstanding balances starting at 30 days. Our stringent review process ensures each unpaid balance is worked consistently until full collectable reimbursement has been received.

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